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Archie Hill (1928 – 1986) was a writer, broadcaster and photographer who came from the English Black Country, a region which provided the central theme for his work. His writing included acclaimed autobiographical books as well novels, radio plays, television scripts and journalism. The pinnacle of his broadcasting career was a four-part 1974 BBC TV series called Archie Hill Comes Home.

He was described by writer Michael Pearson as "…hugely talented … very rough Black Country with a lived-in face. An alcoholic with suicidal tendencies, he was said to be programmed to self-destruct, but always had a smile and a twinkle in his eye."

He died by suicide in 1986.

This website presents a collection of material by and about Hill covering fiction, non-fiction, broadcasting, dramatisations and photo-journalism.

The Wikipedia article is a good place to start - it includes details of all Hill's books and known broadcasting.


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1. Wikipedia article

The encyclopaedia entry.

2. Archie Hill Comes Home

To watch the full 1974 TV series, click here

3. Archie Hill remembered

An article by John Price from the Black Country Bugle, May 2017, predominately looking at the reissue of Hill's first book, A Cage of Shadows.

4. When Archie Hill Came Home

A further article by John Price from the Black Country Bugle, May 2017, discussing Hill's TV series, Archie Hill Comes Home.

5. A Black Country Writer

An article by Ray Jones from the Black Country Journal of summer 2008 which includes many thoughtful insights.

6. Archie Hill

Following the Ray Jones article, Roger Steele published this rejoiner in the Black Country Journal of Spring 2009. Steele was someone who knew Hill well and the article includes much valuable information.

7. The Caged Worlds of Archie Hill

An article by Paul Lester about Hill's work from the London Magazine, June/ July 1992. This provides an erudite résumé of his various writings.

He concludes: "Archie Hill's books still bear some testimony to an unsanitised heritage from which this curious, wayward, tormented, individual ... who never could, in his lifetime, escape the painful consequences."

8. Black Country Dionysus —Archie Hill and A Cage of Shadows

A paper by Nick Lee. Using archive material, interviews and some speculative theorising, this study recounts something of Hill’s life and assesses his place in the canon of English literature with particular focus on his impoverished upbringing in the Black Country as recounted in A Cage of Shadows.

9. Closed World of Love

First part of a magazine serialisation of Closed World of Love.

10. Life Within a Prison

An article by Hill from The Listener, February 1976 introducing his TV programme based on Closed World of Love.

11. Second Meadow

Article from The Radio Times, 1977, about his radio programme based on The Second Meadow.

12. Blue Billy and the Gin Trap

Short story from The Black Country Bugle.

13. The Miscreants

Short story from The Black Country Bugle.

14. Community Concern

A leaflet prepared by Hill publicising films he had made trying to help addicts. Includes examples of his photo-journalism.

15. Corridor of Mirrors

Radio dramatisation of Hill's novel, A Corridor of Mirrors.

16. Books

Some details of the nine books written by Hill together with copies of covers.

Please note, Hill's first book, A Cage of Shadows was republished 17 May 2017, by The Tangerine Press .


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